Sealable or temper evident IML Pastic Manufacturing 

One of the leader plastic packaging specializing in I.M.L injected plastic packaging Company and metal cans manufacturing YETPACK Incorporated Company plays a major role in In-mold labeling (IML) packaging market in Turkey and Europe.

Our experience at IML technology is to deliver the most integrated In-Mold Labeling process solution to support your business goal and enrich your brand messaage to the market. We ensure quality, hygine and food safety of your products throught the rigorous selection of raw materials, labels and other issues are quaranteed by tried and tested workflows and effective quality system.In mold labeling technology eliminates the need for secondary processes and helps structural stability to thin walled plastic containers and buckets. 

The printing result and its quality is outstanding. Images are great for product advertising ,marketing and ultimately, sales.

IML packaging is also high resistance to scratching heat,cooling,deep freezing and microwaving exceeded the expectations of every clients and requirements.IML printing technology are uniquely designed with high quality printing decoraation.

The IML is printed with up to 6-7 colors various supports can be used White or clear raw materials minimum quantities per runs required.